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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have been avoiding processed flours of all types for some time now. I will occasionally (once every 2 weeks or so, have a slice of gluten free bread or an organic corn tortilla. I have even stopped eating my gluten free muesli as some of the cereals in it are too processed for my sensitive tummy. Doing so has helped me manage some of my IBS symptoms.
Of course this means that many of the foods other people reach for during lunch or snack time are not an option for me. No sandwiches, no pasta and forget crackers!
Yesterday I had yet another person ask me "well what do you eat?".
This. I eat stuff like this everyday when I feel hungry for lunch or snacks. I will also eat some fruit of course later and maybe some almond butter smeared on a piece of celery.
Todays lunch/snack consists of
1 boiled egg, sliced
I small organic tomato, sliced
1 handful pea shoots (washed and torn into bite sized bits)
1 small handful baby romaine lettuce (washed and torn)
salt and pepper all over!

The tomato was delicious of course and I love a boiled egg.
Did you know that pea shoots taste an awful lot like fresh peas out of the garden?
No excuses why I can't continue to eat this way for the rest of my life. it's very very simple, fast and extremely nutritious. Plus I really like fresh vegetables and fruit. who doesn't?

I hope I can convince at least 1 reader to give up fast food lunches. maybe? try it!


  1. Yummy, I have been trying so hard to give up eating out for lunch. Such a bad habit. This is inspiring!

  2. Lori, you are such a cutie pie. that's all.

  3. Carolyn, that's true. haha!
    Tina yay! go for it

  4. yum! this looks so good, you don't have to convince me to give up fast food - it wreaks havoc on my stomach.

  5. i wish i could convince my hubby to do so...he suffers from terrible migraines,but since he hates vegetables and does not each much fruit,it is very difficult!

  6. i made this today but added a splash of reduced balsalmic. very delicious and fresh!

  7. MissPaige- your a smart cookie :)
    lazyfish73- some day he will convert :)
    jillian- dressing would be nice of course!