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Monday, June 14, 2010

Peanut Butter and Banana cakes

So easy! Buckarooken likes them too. 


2 yellow bananas or heading to ripe
1 egg- beaten lightly
1 hugely heaping tablespoon of organic natural peanut butter (crunchy)


1. Mash your bananas well in a medium bowl.  you can leave a few little lumps.
2. Heat some vegetable oil on your non stick griddle on medium heat
3. Mix your peanut butter in with the banana and then add the beaten egg and stir that in well.
4. Drop batter onto the griddle, again 3" diameter cakes  work best.
5.  When the underside is medium brown, flip them and cook the other side.
6. Serve with Berries and you can call it a PBJ!


  1. Wait. The only ingredients are bananas, egg, and peanut butter? There's no flour of any kind??

  2. That is correct. Fast and flour-less. Very moist obv. Use crunchy natural Peanut Butter so you can get that satisfying little texture. :)

  3. These were tasty but I had a hell of a time getting them to stay in one piece. Any tips?

  4. hmm, I didn't have any problems. a. My natural peanut butter is thick valencia crunchy style and I used it cold from the fridge. You could try beating your egg to soft peaks and adding a bit more peanut butter. Also, wait until the underside is nicely medium brown (not the lightly golden brown of normal pancakes). Lastly, my husband has stupendous flipping skills. Use him next time. haha! honest, the only thing holding them together is the egg so yes, they will be much more fussy to flip. I used a bit more oil on my non stick skillet than I usually would have in anticipation of this.

  5. Ooh I will try the cold pb next time. Ours is also natural but it is gone fast enough that we just keep it out (easier for dipping!). I'm hoping to make it for my family when I visit so I will just keep practicing. =)

  6. you could always add a touch of almond flour or coconut flour as well :)

  7. I used an extra egg on my last batch. two eggs beaten. I also used a huge dollop of peanut butter. I separated the yolks from the eggs and made sure to whip the whites to soft peaks before adding them to the batter with the peanut butter/banana/and yolks.