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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thai Food

Love Thai Food? Here are some of my favs

Thai Green Curry From Scratch

Pad Thai-alicious!

Curried Chicken Roll with Sweet Thai Basil

Thai Spicy coconut squash Curry

Coconut Rice


  1. yes i do!

    and oddly enough, i haven't made any of these recipes of yours yet. they are on my "must make" list.

  2. everyone we have ever made the curried chicken rolls for has loved them! you can also use greek style fluffy pita to hold them if you are not gluten free. The pad thai is really good, and the green curry we have made 3 times! the last one, the coconut curried squash- you could make it with pumpkin as well. it is a recipe I made up on my own with what I had in the kitchen. it was good but probably too spicy for your liking. :)