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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Red Quinoa Breakfast

It's so easy you can't really call it a recipe , but I figured there are likely plenty of folks who never considered Quinoa as a breakfast choice. So here is a super fast and easy way to enjoy a hot gluten free breakfast of Quinoa.


1/2 cup Red Quinoa
1 cup water
pinch of salt

1/2 apple, thinly sliced
organic raisins
dash of ground cinnamon
honey or sucanat to taste
cold almond milk or rice milk
fresh chopped walnuts if you like


1. Combine your Quinoa/water/salt in a lidded sauce pan. Bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer on low with lid on for 15 minutes.

2. When your Quinoa is cooked, stir in your raisins and sweetener of choice and top with sliced apples, cold rice milk and a dash of cinnamon

3. Gobble it up.


  1. I have tried quinoa for breakfast, and I can't do it sweet. It must be a mental block for me...or the taste is just off or something. I'm going to try it as a savory breakfast instead, maybe with veggies and/or a poached egg.

    I was looking forward to it has a hot breakfast cereal-like items, but...alas.

  2. did you salt your Quinoa first? That makes a huge difference. otherwise it is just bland and sweet. :)

  3. love quinoa! any recipes with that ingredient i will definitely try!

  4. carrie- this is my alltime fav Quinoa recipe here-

  5. thanks for this lori. this looks yummy. i always make something savoury with quinoa, but am going to definitely try this. i am going try making your healthy chocolate cake on my birthday next week:)

  6. great! I hope you like the cake :)
    It's my fav.

  7. do you rinse the quinoa first? some recipes say to, but i'm never sure if it's necessary.

  8. some brands are pre rinsed and say as much. If not, use a very fine mesh filter or a coffee filter to rinse.

  9. Just tried Quinoa for breakfast for the first time. I wasn't sure about adding milk so I decided to eat it like I would eat my oatmeal. I put a bit of honey, hot quinoa, blueberries and strawberries, and walnuts. I LOVED IT! Thanks.