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Monday, June 29, 2009

Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Just to dispel any thoughts that we never indulge over here! We adore Turtle mountains Dairy Free coconut ice cream.
There is great misconception that coconut is evil because it contains saturated fat.
Actually saturated fat from natural sources like coconut is not really a problem for the human body. Refined polyunsaturated vegetable oils are the thing to avoid (along with too much animal fat) . Coconut has fiber, potassium, magnesium and lot's of heart healthy medium-chain triglycerides. MCT's are mainly composed of a fat called lauric acid which is antiviral and antimicrobial (and preferably used by the body for energy rather than fat storing). Studies have shown that the fat in coconut has no adverse affects on the heart or on general health.

THAT said, THIS is ice cream and I'm not recommending you eat it everyday! haha
The ingredients of Turtle Mountains coconut ice creams do meet my strict guidelines though. and seriously, it's way delicious.


  1. coconut is great! i use coconut oil and coconut milk in cooking all the time. and i wish this ice cream was available in my next of the woods!

  2. there must be someone who carries it! we get ours from community natural foods. it is a toss up whether the coconut (with heaps of coconut in it) or the chocolate is better. better buy both and eat them at the same time I say. The vanilla was not nearly as satisfying.

  3. i'll have to check whole foods market. they must have it.

  4. Yum! Have you tried Coconut Bliss ice cream? It's lovely, and soy-free.

  5. Just got the coconut flavor yesterday and LOVE it!!! I love all things coconut and this is just perfect for me! Also, does coconut oil have a flavor? I noticed you use it in your granola and was wondering if it is sweet. What else do you use it for?

  6. oh I like to use it for cooking indian and thai food as well. it's a great oil.